Benefits of Woodland Management in Haslemere

If the grounds at your property in Haslemere require regular care and attention, our expert tree surgeons are available to implement a woodland management plan for superior results. The tree surgery and forestry services we provide includes tree felling, coppicing and thinning, to maintain a healthy environment. You may not think human intervention is necessary for preserving a natural landscape, however the UK’s Woodland Trust charity firmly believes that woodland management and tree surgery solutions are key factors in creating a sustainable future.

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Woodland Management and the Environment

Creating More Light


Our tree surgeons will assess your Haslemere property to ensure the trees, plants and flowers have enough space and exposure to the sun. Woodland management plans can improve the landscape to promote a healthy germination and sustainable growth. While forest canopies provide the perfect amount of shade for other plants, moss, fungi and wildlife, our forestry services will create the ideal solution for a complete natural environment to thrive. Coppicing, thinning and tree felling also helps healthy trees and plants to benefit from the sun.




Coppicing your Haslemere woodlands will result in trees of different ages growing together. With coppicing, tree surgeons will regularly cut the foliage at the base of the tree, which is designed to encourage new growth. In a similar way to the shoots that sprout from the stump after tree felling, stronger and healthier trees can grow for producing timber.




Thinning is an important part of tree surgery as trees fail to mature if they are growing too close in dense thickets. Woodland management professionals understand that cutting down some of the weaker trees, to thin out overpopulated forests, is a necessary process to allow the trees to develop properly. Healthy plants will be left to grow and new species can be planted at a later stage.


Planting Different Species


Healthy grounds at properties in Haslemere include a biodiversity of plant species. These grow at different heights and provide nourishment for many different animals and insects. In addition to conservation, woodland management plans that incorporate various species of trees can benefit the commercial production of timber. As part of our forestry services, our tree surgery specialists can plant a diverse range of plants and trees, providing plenty of space for root systems to grow.


Tree Felling


Goldsworthy Forestry services provide Haslemere clients with safe and efficient tree felling operations, executed by fully-qualified and fully-insured tree surgeons. This includes tree surgery specialists with proficient experience in tree climbing, handling the appropriate tree felling equipment, such as chainsaws, and aerial rescue. Tree felling clears space for new, younger trees which can be an opportunity for biodiversity.


Controlling Invading Plant Life


Woodland management plans help to assess toxic plant life which has invaded the grounds at your Haslemere property. Tree surgeons will identify laurels, Himalayan balsam and rhododendrons that need to be removed. Rhododendrons spread and are prone to suffocating and poisoning the earth with harmful toxins.


Helping the Regeneration


Once tree felling has been completed to cultivate the timber for energy-efficient usage, seeds from the tree can grow into saplings to regenerate the woodland. Our forestry services can help the natural process with tree surgeons planting new trees, which will be maintained by routine tree surgery. New species can be introduced, otherwise germinated seeds can grow young native trees, which benefits Haslemere woodlands with a broader spectrum of tree ages.


Wildlife Issues


To help recently planted saplings grow, tree surgeons will advise that wild and domestic animals, such a deer, rabbits and dogs, should have limited access to regeneration areas, as part of a successful woodland management plan.

For more information about setting up a woodland management plan with our tree surgery specialists in Haslemere and the surrounding areas, call 07984 070 556.