Guide to Tree Felling in Godalming and the Nearby Areas

When tree felling is required to be carried out at domestic and commercial properties in Godalming and the nearby areas, clients need to rely on the expertise of skilled tree surgeons to complete the job in a safe and efficient manner. With more than 5 years of experience in the tree surgery industry, we provide professional woodland management and forestry services, which cover every aspect of grounds maintenance and preservation – from planting and pruning to flailing and tree felling.

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Follow a Tree Felling Plan

Site Survey and Advice


When using our Goldsworthy Forestry services, Godalming clients will be met by friendly and knowledgeable tree surgeons to conduct an initial survey of the property. We’ll also offer any advice to new clients about their woodland management, which aims to maintain the healthy conditions of their grounds. As part of a woodland management plan, commercial clients can apply for a 10-year tree felling licence from the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS), which meets the environmental regulations for future tree surgery needs.




  • Tree surgeons will sort out the type of equipment to use, ranging from chainsaws, wood chippers, breaking bars, impact bars, ropes, winches and tree felling wedges
  • Ensure there are no obstructions at the Godalming property which could create hazards, such as power lines, buildings, roads and highways
  • Keep tree felling areas clearly marked and cordoned off, preventing any danger or risk of public liability


Tree Felling Direction


There are different ways for tree surgery specialists to estimate the tree felling direction and size of the area it will cover once it has been cut down at your Godalming property. The height and elevation of the tree from the base to the crown can be measured using a hypsometer or with a rod. It is also recommended for tree surgeons to ensure a 45-degree path is kept clear in either direction, allowing for a safe exit. Before cutting the tree, our experts will consider the wind direction for increased safety.


Our forestry services and tree surgery techniques include:

  • Sectional Tree Felling – Parts of the tree will be removed by our tree surgeons when a clear path isn’t available. This will be done by secured ropes and winches, which will control the tree as it’s lowered
  • Directional Tree Felling – Trees can be cut down in one fell swoop when there is enough space at your Godalming property for a complete tree felling to be carried out, free from hazards or obstructions


Diagnosing Diseases


When a tree is diseased, the level of deterioration can be a tree felling safety risk. Our tree surgeons will determine this from the preliminary survey, checking for signs of decay which includes discolouration, soft and swollen sections of the trunk. If the tree is too weak to be safely felled in one go, another option is to take it down in sections. Otherwise, higher levels of rot can result in a taller stump being left behind, which will be removed separately afterwards.


The woodland management and forestry services we provide for Godalming clients includes regular assessments conducted by tree surgery specialists to maintain the health of trees, which affects the rest of the delicate ecosystem.




As part of our Goldsworthy Forestry services and woodland management schemes, we maintain a sustainable environment with a focus on recycling the biodegradable waste at your Godalming property.


  • Limbs of healthy trees can be used as log-burning fuel
  • Wood chips are often used to line playgrounds, gardens and driveways
  • Recycled wood can be made into furniture
  • The demand and sale of timber is increased

For more information about forestry services and woodland management for commercial clients in Godalming, Haslemere, Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, call 07984 070 556.